Tom Kha Gai Soup

Tom Kha Gai Soup (Galanga Soup – Vietnam)

6 ounces sliced white chicken meat
6 ounces sliced white onions
2 or 3 medium pieces galanga (Thai ginger)
3 (1-inch) slices lemon grass
1 ounce chopped green onion
24 ounces water
1 (2 ounce) package coconut milk concentrate
4 ounces fresh lime or lemon juice
4 ounces fish sauce
1 tablespoon ground red chili

Start heating the water. Add coconut milk concentrate, galanga ginger and lemon grass. Add sliced chicken. Bring to a boil. After the soup has boiled for 2 minutes, add the onions.

In a serving bowl add the lime juice and fish sauce. Do not add this to the boiling soup! When the chicken is cooked, place the soup in the serving bowl with the sauces. Garnish with the green onions, spice to taste with red chili and serve.

Yields 4 servings.