spanish pork chops

Spanish Pork Chops

Shared with Recipe Goldmine by Santiago, New York, New York

4-5 pork chops
1 packet of Goya Sazon with Achiote
3 spoonsful of Goya Adobo
2 spoons of sofrito (store brought or homemade)
A little bit of black pepper

Place pork chops with seasonings in seasoning bag ( I use a plastic storage bag) Add enough water to allow the seasonings to mix. Close bag and shake everything up. You can let it sit in this marinade for a while or just put the chops straight to cook. You can fry, grill, bake or broil them –  either way is good.

Homemade Sofrito

This is for a small batch, to make the batch bigger just add 1 extra of each ingredient.

3 large green bell peppers
3 large white onions
1 garlic clove or 3 spoons of crushed garlic
1 leaf of reacao
2 leaves of culantro or cilantro
3 ajices peppers (optional)

Cut up all of the ingredients into chunk sizes. Place into a blender or food processor. Mix ingredients until all are blended together (The consistency should be a little liquidy, but chopped into small pieces.) Pour ingredients into a pot. Add olive oil (about 4 spoons), 1 packet of Sazon & 1 packet of Sazon con Achiote. Cook mixture for about 5 minutes. Place cooked sofrito into a jar, container or ice tray, if using an ice tray it can go straight to the freezer. Enjoy!