Online Mattress Guides Take The Guessing Out Of Mattress Purchases

The mattress market is changing, and consumers are changing with it. Online purchases are increasing every year. One market that is exploding is the online sales of memory foam mattresses. People used to go to a mattress store and lie on several mattresses to find the most comfortable one. Then, the store would deliver and set up the mattress and box spring on a frame. Now, a growing number of consumers are forgoing the mattress testing and ordering mattresses online and sight unseen. They are saving money and doing more of the work themselves.

Why Use Mattress Buying Guides?

But, there are risks involved when ordering a mattress online without first testing it. What if it is too firm or too soft? What if the quality is not as advertised? And, what if that expensive mattress shows wear after only a few months? Not all mattress manufacturers manufacture quality products. Some mattresses cost more than a competitor offering a similar product. But, how can a consumer find all the available memory foam mattresses to compare? And, how can they get the information to compare them and order the best mattress for them?

Information From Guides

Online mattress buying guides and rating services are the answer. Sites such as Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides do all that research for mattress consumers. They look at the factory information, industry ratings, consumer ratings, and more to determine which mattresses are good buys and which ones don’t deliver on their promises. Two very similarly performing mattresses can be priced hundreds of dollars apart. These guides point that out for the consumer, saving them money.

The mattress guide divides mattress choices by composition and construction, then the best mattress, then the best buy in each pricing category. So, a consumer can check out memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, latex ones, water beds, and air mattresses to see a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Then they can see a list of the best mattresses at the best pricing in each type.

Next, they can look for the best mattresses at their budget level for each type of mattress. Some people have $400.00 to spend and others have $1,000.00 or more to spend if the mattress is good enough. A mattress guide will often offer discounts from different companies or list which companies are having sales. Research the next mattress purchase at this website.