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Why Use Dentures for Missing Teeth?

A lot of people today have missing teeth and the best way to replace them is by using dentures. IN a denture, artificial teeth are attached to a plastic or metal plate that can fit inside your mouth.

False teeth is the more common name to dentures. False teeth a made of porcelain or acrylic and is mounted on a gum-like acrylic base. If you wear dentures, it would look like all your teeth are natural.

Dentures are beneficial since you have teeth replacement which looks very natural. It may look like natural teeth but it also feels like natural teeth. Dentures help you feel more confident in public.

When missing teeth are replaced with dentures, your self-esteem and self-confidence will have a boost.

Talking with missing teeth is difficult but dentures can help solve that problem.

If your denture is properly fit, then you will now be able to chew easily. You now have a better bite. Now, it is not only soft foods that you can eat but with dentures, you can actually eat anything.

With missing teeth, your facial appearance look collapsed and sunken. Dentures help you look younger since your lips and your cheeks will have more shape.

The two types of dentures are complete and partial dentures.

A complete or full denture fits over your gums and covers the roof of your mouth or your palate. If both you upper and lower teeth are missing, then you need full dentures.

Conventional dentures are full dentures that are designed to be worn a month after teeth are extracted and the gum tissue has begun to heal. Another type of full denture is the immediate denture which can be worn immediately after but since the wounds are still healing this type of denture has to be adjusted to fit properly.

If you still have remaining teeth or implants but you want to have a full denture, then you can get an overdenture which puts a denture over all your remaining teeth.

In the place of missing teeth partial dentures or bridges can be placed. These false teeth are made from metal or plastic or acrylic and are attached to a pink gum-colored base.

You can have a partial denture that is removable and is attached to natural teeth using metal clasps. These can be removed and reinserted when required and this does not need professional help.

A permanent bridge is permanently attached to natural teeth b replacing missing teeth. These types of permanent partial dentures cannot be removed by the patient. These types of partial dentures are more expensive but are also more stable. Proper care and proper fit will give this permanent partial denture a long life.

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