The Novaform Grande Mattress Combines Comfort with Support

New mattress options have exploded recently. When looking for details online, there are dozens of mattresses and even more reviews, touting their support, their comfort, their firmness and all of the benefits they can offer. It can be hard to know exactly which one offers actual positives and which one is best for your needs. One of the more recent ones, Novaform, has been established for the last decade and continued perfecting their formula for a perfect sleep system with minimal drawbacks. Here are a few of those benefits and why you might consider a Novaform for your next mattress purchase.

Support and Comfort Anchored by Responsive Foam

The Novaform mattress touts its level of firmness and stability, to the quality most orthopedic doctors suggest for patients with back or circulation issues. The idea here is to be able to support your body at the points your joints would cause uncomfortable pressure while still keeping the rest of your body soft and supported. With various softness levels, they run their line from extremely firm to extremely soft and everything in between. One of their biggest offerings is the Novaform Comfort Grande 14″ which consists of an eight inch base of foam, a three-inch air channel foam, and a three-inch gel memory foam.

A Grand Design in Quality and Capacity

Working with their internal air channel layer, the Grande mattress is designed to specifically keep hotter sleepers cooler as airflow is increased under the mattress rather than pooling on top. The top layer is a gel foam core designed to cradle you while giving rest to your muscles and joints. For people who sleep on their back, the firmness level helps to conform to the body while retaining its natural shape, night after night. Combined with the package is a mattress cover of gel beads that adjust to your weight while delivering an additional layer of heat dispersal.

If you are a back sleeper who tends to overhead or have joint pain, the Novaform Grande could offer what you are looking for in an ideal mattress. Consider them for your next mattress purchase.